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so far with you
it's long ago but i remember
this special day then in november
i met you there in this office room
and i could hear my heart making 'boum'

we went together for quite some time
and all in all i think we made it fine
together we went throu all bat and good
you knew i was here and i understood

cos i, i never gave that much before
no i, i never went that far before

i brought you rose and we drank champagne
you gave me all the pleasures and some pain
and i was faithfull to you all this years
you could have trust me and forget your fears
i wrote you letters full of sweet romance
and i forgave you all your arrogance
i really loved you just the way you where
with you i would have gone to everywere

'cos i, i never gave that much before
no i, i never went that far before

but then i called you sometimes late at night
and this was all it took to make you mad
you came and throw bad lies into my face
you sayed that i was just a hopeless case
you spittted on me you treated me like shit
you did not care not even just a bit
that you just lost the chance to have me all for you
because now i know and it’s because of you

that i, i never go that far again
i, i just can't stand that pain again
no, i never loose my brain again
i'll never fall in love again..